6 unusual benefits and 6 practical benefits employees want

Thankfully, employees are getting more comfortable asking for the benefits that they want. 

Finding the right work/life balance is on everyone’s minds, likely yours included. And benefits can make a difference in how employees find a little more balance in their life. Having their employer do the hard work to curate the best benefits and the best options makes it easy for them to trust these benefits will do them some good. 

That also means that employers have their work cut out for them.

What are some benefits employees have asked for?

A mix of practical and fun is really what it comes down to…

6 benefits that may be worth exploring…

Data and insights on these benefits come from a poll commissioned by Trusaic, and conducted by YouGov, ranking the kind of unusual new job benefits that employees would like to see employers offer.

Some of these benefits sound pretty interesting, and some…well, I’ll let you decide. 

  1. Hangover leave – 23%
  2. Premium subscription to a sleep app – 21%
  3. Free meditation sessions – 14%
  4. Social media detox days – 12%
  5. Leave for heartbroken sports fans – 6%
  6. Premium subscription to a dating app of their choice – 5%

And to be fair, 43% of respondents also said they wanted none of these.

What they do want though, are financial wellness benefits and here’s the data to prove it…


6 practical benefits that are definitely worth exploring

Of the below benefits, employees stated in a TrueConnect poll that they may be interested in the following benefits if offered to them by their employer:

  1. Emergency savings account – 81%
  2. Financial rewards program – 77%
  3. Debt management service – 72%
  4. Mortgage application or refinancing assistance – 72%
  5. Discounted prescriptions – 62%
  6. Student loan refinancing – 46%

Healthcare is a must for employees. Retirement and 401(k)s are also a must. Dating apps and social media detox days? Those may be more nice-to-haves, but what we can definitely agree on is that employees want financial support; they want financial wellness added as a voluntary benefit.

Are you providing the right financial wellness benefits for your employees? 

To learn more about TrueConnect’s Financial Wellness Platform, with access to financial advisors, emergency savings plans and loan options for your employees, click here.


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