Helping your employees is easy as 1-2-3

Offered as a voluntary employee benefit, TrueConnect revolutionizes the process of making small payroll loans to employees in cooperation with employers. TrueConnect uses a patented method of making and repaying small payroll loans, and provides an automated technology platform in cooperation with a leading CDFI bank to provide safe loans to employees. Our mission is to provide safe alternatives to the predatory lending products, such as payday and car title loans, both affordably and with the convenience of paycheck deductions. Designed in cooperation with consumer advocacy groups, TrueConnect provides help at moment of need while responsibly restricting unnecessary debt. Confidential and online – we also help remove employers from directly dealing with employee personal issues.

TrueConnect is a voluntary employee
benefit program that offers employees
access to loans greater than $1,000.

Recieve Your Funds As Soon As 24 hrours

TrueConnect loans may be repaid through
small, secure automated payroll
deductions over a full year.

The Repayment is Direct & Automatic Through Payroll

TrueConnect provides rapid assistance to employees in financial need,
like a hospital visit or car repair, and makes it easy and affordable to repay.