SALES: 858-252-4481 CUSTOMER SERVICE: 866-827-3520
SALES: 858-252-4481 CUSTOMER SERVICE: 866-827-3520

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Financial emergencies aren’t scheduled. According to national data, nearly 1 of 3 Americans have no savings to handle a financial emergency. Too many employees resort to high cost options like payday or car title loans to get the help they need. TrueConnect is the better way – you can help and it costs you nothing.

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TrueConnect exists to provide safe, affordable financial support and hope to employees in need of a helping hand that is an alternative to predatory lending products. We strive for the economic health of those we serve and offer relief to your employees when unexpected emergencies arise. We are a technology driven solution enabling you to offer your employees the right solution to get them through their tough financial time with the convenience of paycheck deductions. It is both free to employers to offer and simple to manage.
Certified Trusted Partner and Offered by sunrise banks,fdic Insured Bank.
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TrueConnect is free to offer, easy to implement, is simple to manage and
is offered by Sunrise Banks, N. A. - one of the top mission-focused banks in America.

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