TrueConnect simplifies financial support

TrueConnect is focused on employees at the beginning of their financial wellness journey–those with little to no savings, no credit scores or damaged credit, living paycheck-to-paycheck. Every employer has employees like this, and they need financial wellness tools that won’t hurt them further or damage their credit score.

Who is TrueConnect?

Patented No Credit Check Advance for employees poor or no credit scores
Program offered since 2014
Dedicated to helping employees move from spend & borrow to save & invest.

Our Values


We help those who need it the most.


Always transparent in actions and words.

Above & Beyond

Dedicated to exceeding expectations.


Enthusiastic about helping others find financial freedom.
TrueConnect works closely with other businesses dedicated to our same mission to provide the safest and most secure financial wellness solutions to employees no matter their credit score. If you would like to partner with us, please reach out.
Thank you for reaching out to learn more about TrueConnect. Click here to see if your employer has made TrueConnect available to you.