Employee Loans Made Easy

We’ve partnered with your employer to offer you safe, simple and affordable loans when you need them.

TrueConnect Meets You Where You Are

Simple Payday loans online with TrueConnect

Loan Amounts

Small-dollar loans from $1,000-$5,000 or large-dollar loans greater than $5,000.

Secure payday loans with TrueConnect


Rates as low as 3.99% for credit-check loans greater than $5,000, good to excellent credit required.

Financial Growth with TrueConnect

Interest Rate

Annual Percentage Rate option as
low as 3.99%.

Programs vary by employer. If you have questions about your employer’s program, please connect with your HR representative.

Use a TrueConnect Loan To

  • Cover a medical expense
  • Repair your car/home
  • Consolidate debt
  • Prevent using your 401k
  • Cover any other needs

Lutheran Social Services employee, Minneapolis MN

Thank you. I really appreciate the fact that you are concerned enough about your employees to get involved with such a program

Employee, Workplace Impact, Cleveland, OH

It definitely came in handy. My family and I were struggling to pay our bills on time and TrueConnect rescued us.

Eastern Municipal Water District employee, Perris CA

TrueConnect is a great service. I couldn’t be more grateful that it is a discrete service and taken right out of my paycheck without my having to worry about it

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