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We’ve partnered with your employer to offer you safe, simple and affordable loans when you need them.

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Simple Payday loans online with TrueConnect

Loan Amounts

Small-dollar loans from $1,000-$5,000 or large-dollar loans greater than $5,000.

Secure payday loans with TrueConnect


Rates as low as 3.99% for credit-check loans greater than $5,000, good to excellent credit required.

Financial Growth with TrueConnect

Interest Rate

Annual Percentage Rate option as
low as 3.99%.

Programs vary by employer. If you have questions about your employer’s program, please connect with your HR representative.

Use a TrueConnect Loan To

  • Cover a medical expense
  • Repair your car/home
  • Consolidate debt
  • Prevent using your 401k
  • Cover any other needs

Employee, Comcast Cable, Philadelphia PA

I came to True Connect in serious financial hardship. They assured me that the process would be seamless and they would take good care of me. I have to say, they did not disappoint! It’s so glad to know that when unexpected things come up, I have a safe place to go for assistance.

Employee, HAC Retail, Oklahoma City OK

It was easy and so helpful in my times of need for financial help. With the covid-19 I might have to apply again. Thank you TrueConnect!

Employee, CCA, Oklahoma City OK

TruConnect made it easy for me to access money when I desperately needed it. I didn’t have to worry about my credit history or a denial letter. They take my payments directly from my paycheck for peace of mind for me and its helping me rebuild my credit.

Employee, Badcock Home Furniture, Mulberry FL

I love TrueConnect. They always take the loan right out of your check and you never miss it. The interest rate is very low and never have to go to a loan company.

Employee, Dona Ana County, Las Cruces NM

I loved how convenient it was to apply and get deposited in a short amount of time. It is better than getting a pay day loan or title loan. I was able to pay off early and also it helped my credit. Definitely worth it to get that extra money for vacation or an emergency.

Employee, Eastern Municipal Water District, Perris CA

Very easy to request and process the loan on the site. Loan helped me get through an unanticipated car expense before the holidays and I was able to pay it off early in February once I had received my tax refund. I was pleased with the loan closeout process to. Will definitely use again if in an emergency / short-term loan situation.

Employee, Workplace Impact, Cleveland, OH

It definitely came in handy. My family and I were struggling to pay our bills on time and TrueConnect rescued us.

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