5 tips for keeping employees engaged and motivated at work


Written by Amy Summers, Freelance Finance Writer.

Do you think a good salary is enough to engage and motivate your employees?

While plenty of employees quit due to their pay, Business News Daily clarifies that money is not enough to boost your employees’ motivation, engagement, and retention. A 2022 survey cited by Business News Daily found that 56% of employees prioritize job stability over their salary, 32% would take a pay cut for a better work-life balance, and 20% would also accept a salary reduction for more independence and flexibility. Indeed, today’s workers need certain incentives and a secure work environment to feel more satisfied in their roles.

To illustrate, here are some tips that can boost the engagement and motivation of your employees at work:

Incentivize high-performing employees

Your employees’ salary is simply compensation for their designated responsibilities. So if you want them to be more productive and engaged, you should offer incentives that employees typically won’t get.

Some examples of non-monetary incentives include:

  • Access to a roll-over emergency savings benefit
  • No credit check loan programs
  • Extra PTO hours
  • Discounted prescriptions

These incentives can even help them with their personal concerns, thus allowing them to focus more on their tasks at hand.

Allow them to have more authority in projects

Employees will be more engaged and motivated to show up at work, especially if they know that their employers have faith in their abilities.

To motivate your high-performing employees, you can show your trust in their expertise by allowing them to manage projects and report to higher-ups. This type of role will make your employees feel significant to the company because they will be allowed to create plans, make decisions, and communicate with executives, even if it’s just for a single piece of collateral.

By giving them a chance to lead, your employees will feel motivated to put their best foot forward at work.

Foster workplace camaraderie

You may think that break times and chatter can only reduce your workforce’s motivation and engagement. However, a study from MDPI states that having a coffee culture in the office can actually benefit the productivity and morale of the workplace.

“Coffee breaks” allow employees to build relationships with their co-workers and team members, which can help as they collaborate on projects or develop new ideas for the organization. Having a coffee culture can also make your employees feel more engaged and motivated to work because they will feel like they are part of a supportive community in the workplace.

Your employees can improve their communication skills and increase their work engagement through this simple culture.

Protect the mental health of your staff

Mental health matters in the workplace because there’s a strong link between mental health and productivity. Employees with poor mental health may struggle with focus, motivation, and energy, which is why employers need to support their well-being.

Employers like yourself can do this by offering specific benefits, such as mental health coverage, employee assistance programs, or even access to wellness programs. Most of all, it’s essential to cultivate a safe environment in your workplace by having mental health workshops and training managers to handle mental health conversations in the office.

Ask for feedback from employees

You can further boost the engagement and motivation of your workforce by asking for their feedback regarding the workplace. Though this may not seem ideal for some employers, 64% of human resource leaders believe that providing a good employee experience will motivate the workforce as they return to offices. As such, HR leaders are now sending out employee surveys to assure them employers value their feedback about the workplace. On top of that, you can even use the survey data to identify specific strategies to motivate and engage employees.

Your employees will be more motivated and engaged, especially if they feel valued and supported. By offering the right incentives and programs, your employees will find the drive to work better.

What programs do you offer or provide to keep your employees motivated and engaged while on the job?

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