Addressing 11 common benefits questions after open enrollment

You should never not be communicating with your employees about the benefits available to them.

Whether you’ve finished open enrollment, you’re in it now, or you’re preparing for it to come, you should also make sure that you have a communication strategy in place to continuously remind your employees of their active benefits. 

Attention spans come and go. Needs come and go. This consistent communication lets attention spans pay attention to what they need, making it that much more important.

And, benefits play a paramount role in talent attraction and retention, so effective communication becomes even more crucial–both in and out of your organization. 

It’s a crucial role

Benefits communication really is a crucial part of your strategy. Here are three simple reasons why:

Attracting and Retaining Talent

In the fierce competition for top talent, a robust benefits package acts as a compelling magnet. Job seekers are keenly interested in the perks and benefits offered, with 60% considering these factors a major influence in their decision-making.

Transparent communication during recruitment ensures potential hires grasp the full spectrum of benefits, bolstering your organization’s appeal.

Fostering Employee Wellbeing

Beyond initial attraction, benefits significantly contribute to employee well-being. A survey by Willis Towers Watson highlights that 78% of employees believe their well-being programs positively impact overall job satisfaction. Effective communication not only highlights the existence of these programs but ensures employees understand and engage with them, fostering a healthier and more content workforce.

Financial Wellness

In an era where financial well-being is a growing concern, employees often seek guidance on financial planning. A report by the National Endowment for Financial Education underscores this need, with 60% of employees expressing a desire for more assistance with financial planning. And we know from experience that employees also need more than just advice, they need to be able to take action quickly. 

Incorporating a question around financial wellness into your benefits communication strategy can empower employees to make informed decisions, contributing to their overall financial stability.

11 common benefits questions

Regardless of how much you communicate, you may still get asked questions about the programs and what’s available. 

Here are 11 common benefits questions that you could incorporate into your communications to try and pre-emptively answer…

  1. How does our health insurance coverage work, and what services are covered?
  2. Can you explain the options available in our retirement plans, including contribution matching and investment choices?
  3. What happens to my benefits during major life events like marriage or childbirth?
  4. How much paid time off (PTO) am I entitled to, and how does it accrue?
  5. Are there any wellness programs available, and how can I participate?
  6. What are the options for flexible work arrangements, and how do they impact my benefits?
  7. Can you provide details on tuition reimbursement or professional development opportunities?
  8. Are there any additional perks or discounts available beyond the standard benefits?
  9. How does the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) work, and what services does it provide?
  10. Can you provide guidance on financial wellness resources, such as budgeting assistance or retirement planning seminars?
  11. What loan options are available to me through our organization?

All of these questions could be answered through a mix of different channels at different times throughout the year. 

Pay attention to the questions your employees ask you, save them and incorporate them into your communications.

Always be sharing

In the dynamic landscape of employee benefits, effective communication acts as the guiding compass, steering employees through intricacies. 

Addressing common questions not only empowers employees to optimize their benefits but also strengthens the bond between employer and employee. By recognizing the ongoing nature of benefits communication, organizations can cultivate a culture of transparency, empowerment, and well-being. 

A little work now can create a successful employee experience and ultimately, happier and healthier employees. 

To learn more about TrueConnect’s Financial Wellness Platform, schedule a call and together, we’ll determine what the best next step looks like for you and your organization. 

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