What Does Financial Freedom Mean to You?

We talk a lot about financial freedom over here in the office…

  • What does financial freedom really mean?
  • How do you know you’ve achieved financial freedom?
  • What does it take to feel financially free?
  • How different would your life look if/when you achieve financial freedom?

Generally, financial freedom is understood as being able to live the lifestyle of your choosing while responsibly managing your finances.

In other words, it means you have enough savings, investments and cash on hand to live as you desire, both now and in your later years.

But that’s not all that it comes down to…

The unseen effects of financial freedom

While having savings, investments and cash is what we strive to have flowing freely, there are many mental side effects to having money when you need it.

Control of your time

When you live paycheck-to-paycheck, your sense of time becomes skewed as you’re beholden to other people’s time. You clock in and clock out at the same time on the dot every day. Your PTO becomes the most cherished and important benefit, if you have it, because it allows you to break free from your time constraint to spend time with loved ones. Your breaks and lunches become times to run errands, head to the bank, pick up a prescription, whatever priority is top of your list while your kids are at school or in daycare so you can be there for them later…

While money doesn’t automatically give you more time, it does allow you a little more control with the time you have.


Similarly, your sense of independence may feel less than comfortable when your wallet isn’t flowing freely. Bills rack up; groceries are always needed; kids’ back to school clothes are needed each year; the lists go on and on. 

Work suddenly feels more like a burden and like you’re checking a box off of your to-do list so you can make money and repeat the same process the next day.

Control over your future

Your job is stable. Your benefits are good. Your time with family and friends is OK… However, none of these are great. You may work for the best company out there, but if your mindset around money and your career is that you feel stuck and not in control of your future, nothing will feel great. 

When you don’t have that sense of financial freedom, it can feel like you’ve stagnated or like your life is stuck in first gear.

Is this just life or is this a luxury?

The joy of having your own money to use as you please, when you want to, is a luxury. 

Frankly, financial freedom is a luxury; a luxury that not enough men and women get to experience because of how high the cost of living can be mixed with the superficial world we live in. 

But, that doesn’t mean that not everyone should get the chance at financial freedom. 

That’s why we developed TrueConnect–the ONLY no credit check loan program out there. We work with your employer to provide loans for you when you need them most. Your credit is safe with us, and the bank we work with trusts you to repay because your employer trusts you to repay the loan. 

Employer-sponsored opens the door to possibilities, and we promise your loan info is anonymous–your employer will not be made aware of your financial choices.

Your credit and financial history shouldn’t define the rest of your financial future. 

Everyone should have a chance at the luxury of financial freedom. 

What does financial freedom mean to you?




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